Sustaining the future of your agribusiness

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Supporting those who support us

Agriculture and farming make up the backbone of our nation, and that’s why The Boyer Agency offers many ways to protect farms, equipment, and animals. For over 100 years, Nationwide has been providing insurance for agribusiness, so our insurance will be there in case your equipment breaks down or you lose livestock to unpreventable situations. Regardless of the kind of insurance you need, you can trust our knowledgeable insurance agents to get you a good policy for the right coverage that fits your situation.

Covering all sizes for all reasons

Whether you own a small family farm, a ranch, or industrial-scale agribusiness with many employees, we can help protect your bottom line. If something breaks down, you can have it up and running again without going broke to cover the repair costs. Our livestock insurance can also help you recover costs for livestock loss resulting from flood, electrocution, wild animal attacks, loading accidents, and more. We’ll even help with the planning of the eventual passing of your farm to a family member or estate.

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Providing additional savings

As an added benefit, we are partnered with Cintas to get you a 10% discount on safety training and equipment. We are also partnered with CorVel to offer crisis training in the event that an unfortunate accident occurs on your farm.

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We see immense value in protecting your future,
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