Insuring an errand error

Insuring an errand error

For you small business owners out there, we want to create a little scenario for you:

Have you ever asked an employee to run an errand for you?

We’re sure most of you have. But it’s our business to consider the many possibilities of something going badly in that scenario. So consider this:

What would happen if your employee gets into an accident?

What would happen if your employee caused an accident?

If your employee is running an errand FOR THE BUSINESS, then your business could be liable to pay for any damages that occurred as a result of that accident.

Employees run errands all the time. Most small business owners are too busy to do everything themselves. We get that. And we’re not suggesting that business owners stop send their employees out to pick up a few odds and ends.

But make sure you’re covered. The added cost of covering an employee who for you is minimal.

BUT… if something were to happen and your employee wasn’t covered while they were driving around for your business, the outcome could be pretty damaging to your business.

It’s not complicated. Just make sure they’re covered.
So when you have a few minutes, give us a call, and talk to us about making sure you’re not running into any unnecessary risks by having your employee run a simple errand.


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