A few words about our new website

A few words about our new website

Before delving into all the finer points about the excellent redesign of our new website, it’s worth noting that a lot of the major changes to our website came from some slight changes to our company’s mission statement. Previously, our mission statement read: “To be the top agency in the region and deliver the finest customer experience to the members we serve.” Now, that was true when this was first written and it’s still true today, but it wasn’t getting at the core of who “The Boyer Agency” is and what we do.

What we really do is educate our clients and our community about insurance, and we focus mainly on teaching people about all the different products available, and then we help people decide which product actually best fits their unique situation.

Yes, we still want to deliver the finest customer experience (and we think we do), but we do that through educating. Our focus has always been to be educators first and insurance agents second. So, we made a little adjustment to the wording of our mission statement to more accurately reflect us: “to deliver the finest customer experience through educating people on how insurance impacts their daily life.” With this as our guide, we redesigned our website to demonstrate how we aim to accomplish that mission.

For those of you who know us well, you’ll notice right away that our agents are the same helpful and knowledgeable people as before. Our support staff is the same kind and friendly people as before. Our products are the same solid policies as before. But we’re changing how we represent ourselves and our products to our clients and potential clients.
JMG Systems did an excellent job hearing us out and bringing these goals and objectives to the forefront through our new website. There’s a new vitality to our message and a new feeling of accessibility that came with the simplified, modern upgrade we got. And we’re incredibly pleased with the end result.

We hope you’ll take a few moments to browse through our new website, and then come back frequently to catch up on all the useful information we’ll be posting to help keep you well informed about what’s happening in the world of insurance.
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